CAREIA is a non-profit what does that mean?

Our group is organized by volunteer board members and additional volunteers.  No one is paid a salary to provide the education we supply.

Becoming a member

How do I become a member?

You can join on our website by clicking this link or you can attend one of our events and join.  

Which membership should I choose?  What are the differences?

Single $99 – Designed for you only

Single Plus Partner $119 – Designed for you plus a partner, spouse, business partner, or friend

Vendor – Designed for someone who has a product or service that would be beneficial to real estate investors.  

I have a single membership now, can I add a partner spouse, business partner, or friend later?

Yes, you may add someone to your membership at any time for $20.

I’m interested in becoming a vendor member. May I have more information?

To ensure the professionalism and integrity of our vendor program, a vendor applicant must have a regular member from CAREIA vouch for the quality of product or service that was received in the past from the vendor applicant.

If you are already a regular member looking to upgrading to become a vendor, you will need to go through the same application process to become a vendor member. However, you will only need to pay the difference instead of the full vendor membership due.

To learn more about the benefits, cost, or to submit an application to become a Vendor, please email


When and where are your meetings?

Please click here to see our upcoming events.  Our venues rarely change and we are very consistent with meeting start times.

Will I be pitched a ‘boot camp’ to learn how to invest at CAREIA events?

No, we believe in educating our community and will never charge for ‘boot camps’ etc.  We include our education as part of your annual membership dues.

Do you have any events that are no fee to attend?

Yes, our ‘Play Cash Flow’ and ‘Roundtable Network Night’ are both no fee to attend.  However, we do ask that you patronize our host restaurants by buying something.

What can I expect when I attend the ‘Investor Education Meeting’?

Open networking starts at 6:30PM.  From there we will have our featured speaker, or learning activity starting around 7:15PM.  Most of the time the featured event will end around 9:00PM and we have the room until 10:00PM for more networking.  Coffee and water are provided.

Can I attend the ‘Investor Education Meeting’ without buying the one-year membership first?

Yes, you can attend a meeting as a ‘Guest’ for only $15.  If you like the event and want to upgrade to a regular membership we will apply your $15 credit to your membership dues.

What can I expect when I attend the ‘Play Cash Flow’ event?


Cash flow is a board game created by Robert Kiyosaki, author of ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’.  This game is an investor education tool that helps you build up your wealth and manage your income statement. This game is a great way to simulate a lifetime of investing in just 2 hours.  At the end of the game we summarize what we have learned and talk about how we can apply what we have learned to real life investing. We also talk about real deals and network at the end.

What can I expect when I attend the ‘Roundtable Networking night’ event?

A whole evening of relaxed networking.  Meet investors of all skill levels. An opportunity to discuss real deals and connect people with each other.

I want to market my product/service at your events is that allowed?

No, we believe in non-solicitation.  Many members do business with each other at CAREIA but they do it by establishing relationships with each other first.  We frown upon passing out brochures, literature, business cards without someone asking you for those materials first.

I am an advanced/expert investor.  Are there opportunities for me to teach at your ‘Investor Education Meeting’? If so when?

Yes, we would love for you to come out and speak about your experiences!  Please fill out our speaker questionnaire form at this link. We will review your responses and obtain board approval.  Usually the board meets every month, so get your application in so we can get you approved as soon as possible. Our ‘Investor Education Meeting’ is every 2nd Monday of each month at 6:30PM

Member benefits

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

Networking - CAREIA membership offers the perfect environment and opportunities for you to meet other real estate investors from the Chicagoland area. Share your experiences and learn from others who understand your problems.

Education - Your CAREIA membership will offer countless opportunities to learn more about real estate investing. We offer monthly seminars covering topics such as: finding properties, accounting/tax issues, financing, finding tenants and so much more. We also have monthly networking nights.

Stay Connected - Members of CAREIA receive our monthly newsletter; dedicated to bringing you the news you need to know as a landlord or real estate investor.

Resources - Members of CAREIA have access to our library full of books, trade journals, audio and videotapes on everything from asset protection to tax sales.

Do you provide mentorships?

Currently we do not provide an official mentorship program.  Being a regular engaged member of CAREIA has proven to be how countless members have received mentorship like benefits.  Volunteering may be the best way to be surrounded my successful real estate investors more which will shorten your learning curve.

I want to volunteer to be more involved in CAREIA.  Do you have volunteer opportunities?

Yes, we always have volunteer opportunities. Tasks range from very small to as large as becoming a board member.  Also, we have tasks that can be completed remotely or at one of our events. Email to learn more about what volunteer positions are available.

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